Safety Demo

We’ll run through a short safety demonstration to help you learn how things work. These demos can happen whenever you arrive, so you can visit us any time during our open hours.

Waiver Form

It’s super simple, you can even fill it out here so we have it on-file before you visit. If you’re under 18, you can still climb at The Rock, we just need your parent or legal guardian to fill out the waiver on your behalf.

Unlimited climbing for one low price.


$ 18

per visit


$ 15

per visit


$ 16

includes harness hire

You can also hire any climbing gear you need—the only one you have to have is a harness.

Harness’ and shoes are $5 each and chalk is $3, or you can hire all three for $11.

Climbing partners

Rock climbing generally involves a partner—someone on the ground that’ll hold the rope for you. We call them the “belayer”, they’re BYO and must be 13+. If you can’t find anyone to bring, The Rock has a great community—join us at the gym any Wednesday night from 6pm for our Social Sends, or sign up to one of our courses or Rocktrips, and you’ll be sure to meet some awesome people.


Groups & birthdays

We love birthdays, social gatherings and team building, and have some great options indoors and out that will make your next event awesome. Groups with 10 or more need to book in advance and get access to some great discounts, so bring as many as you can!